Office of Justice Services (OJS) Redesign

Partial Site Redesign

This redesign was different from a lot of others that I had done in the past because it involved redesigning only a section of an entire website. The goal was to give this section devoted to Justice Services a look that clearly differentiated it from other sections, while maintaining some consistency with the parent website. That's a challenging task and it got more interesting when the customer wanted to showcase their burgeoning social media presence.

Our group was more than happy to provide OJS with a solution. Here is what the website looked like before we started working on it.

As you can see it was pretty bare bones, but had substantial content that needed to be displayed. We began with the normal requirements gathering and then internally discussed how to meet them. We came up with several mock-ups to show to our customer and after several meetings had our overall layout locked down. We decided to keep the same general layout with the menubar staying at the top and banner section below that. To give it a unique look, we changed the color scheme, height of the banner and made it rotate, background image, location and feel of the search box, links to social media making sure to highlight them, and transitioned from two to three column layout. Additionally, we advised them on how to reorganize their content and encouraged them to continually keep their content fresh. Below you'll see what the finished product, which is still accessible here: