A little bit about me

I am a Drupal Team lead at the the Department of Commerce. Our team administrates both Commerce.gov and MBDA.go.gov along with various other smaller websites and applications. The team also provides a bleeding edge internal DevSecOps toolset and uses automation to manage the entire stack of both public and private servers. I'm always interested in learning new languages and techniques to improve the sites and applications I support.

Previously, I was a Web Engineer at the Corporation for National and Community Service, the mother agency to AmeriCorps and the sister agency to PeaceCorps. My job covered a wide range of tasks, but primarily I administrated NationalService.gov, Serve.gov, MLKDay.gov; built internal applications; and provide high-level strategic analysis and deep technical know-how.

Before that, I was an IT Specialist for the Department of the Interior - Bureau of Indian Affairs. I did all sorts of things related to web development ranging from creating small to medium sized applications, to managing entire sites, to poring over analytics, to doing web design mock-ups.

I have a strong desire to make beautiful websites, and while mine is a work in progress it's a lot of fun to do.

Outside of work I enjoy being married to my beautiful wife Carla, riding my bike, growing my beard, eating at tasty restaurants, playing board games, and traveling.